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Weight Management Programme
A Mindset Approach

  • A multi-technique approach, which incorporates neuroscience, hypnotherapy, breathwork, BWRT (Brainworking Recursive Therapy), Warriors, Settlers and Nomads coaching, and MAP emotional reprogramming techniques matched to your own personality and emotional drivers ensuring that you get the very best results. A flexible programme that is designed to fit YOU.

  • Understand the neuroscience behind how and why your bad eating habits have become hard-wired and how you can change them - from day one!

  • Why you should probably be eating MORE to lose weight.

  • Full take home notes and tasks to make adjustments in your thinking patterns - from day one!

  • No weigh-ins, no prescribed diet.  This is NOT about food, calories or will-power! And you will discover why focusing on “a diet” is counter-productive.

  • Learn why willpower doesn’t work long term, and how to reprogramme the brain so you won’t need it.

  • Receive a relaxing CD/MP3 which will gently help you to achieve your goals and help you feel more relaxed and better about yourself too.

  • On-going help and support also available e.g. weekly online video/phone calls

  • A look at your personality type and how you can use your strengths to make the changes you want.

  • Understand which emotions drive you to eat, and reprogramme your brain with a more useful response.

  • Gain an understanding of the brain and emotions that will help you in other areas of life too, such as managing anxiety and stress.

Healthy Food

The programme can be delivered 1:1 or in small groups.

The full 3 month 1:1  programme  consists of 9 hours of sessions (eg 2 x 2 hour sessions, plus 5 x 1 hour sessions, 1-2 weeks apart) and ongoing weekly emails, phone or Zoom calls as needed. It is uniquely tailored to you. If further sessions on emotional issues are required, these can be added.  

Shorter bespoke programmes are also available. 

Group programmes can be arranged, and are usually 4 to 8 sessions of 1.5 hours., usually 1-2 weeks apart. Clients can arrange their own venue or online group (max 10 in a group) and share the cost, making this very affordable. Individuals may choose to add on private sessions to address any emotional issues in addition to the workshops.

Contact me for a package price.

Sessions can also be purchased singly at the standard rate.

Helena Silver hypnotherapy

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