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The Blueprint

Is your head full of clutter?

Does it feel like a teenager's bedroom in there? Stuff all over the place? Unwanted thoughts? Worries, too much to do? Overwhelm?

The Blueprint is a wonderful hypnotic visualisation technique that can take you on your own personal journey to declutter all that old stuff that's been holding you back and weighing you down.

It's like a Spring Clean for your mind

It's unprocessed, painful memories that clutter up our thoughts, trying to resolved. This process will do that without discussing or analysing them. 

It's content-free too, meaning you don't have to tell me any details about what you are working on. Indeed you may not know all the details yourself, but your subconscious mind will take this opportunity to let go of all sorts of "stuff" that you no longer need.

Will you wipe my memories? 

Absolutely not! But certain memories that were bothering you before will probably be tidied up and neatly put away so they aren't bouncing around inside your head all the time. If you needed to go back to them, they will be there, but the painful emotions will no longer be associated with them.

Completely personalised

Would you love to incinerate all that old stuff? Or chuck it in a skip? Or pull out all those mental weeds and replace them with beautiful flowers and shrubs? Or wipe that messy old blackboard  in your head clean? Or perhaps you'd love to go away on a tropical holiday, enjoy the sun, and get rid of all your old baggage while you enjoy yourself? Whatever ideas you have, we can incorporate them into this process.

A great single session introduction to hypnotherapy

  • Standard session 60-70 mins

  • Extended sessions available

  • Face-to-face or by Zoom


  • Mental clutter

  • Can't make decisions

  • Exhausted

  • Anxious about everything

  • Can't think straight



  • A clutter free mind

  • Space to think

  • Space for creativity

  • Regain control

  • Clarity, peace and calm

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Contact me to find out more.
Enjoy a new clutter-free brain!

Helena Silver hypnotherapy

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