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I am now offering a revolutionary new therapeutic and coaching technique called MAP Coaching (Make Anything Possible).

MAP is based on the latest discoveries in neuroscience and has created a breakthrough in the field of therapy & coaching.  MAP allows you to release and neutralise items within your memory system, that were the origin of the presenting issue. It allows you to rewire long term memories, even the ones created in childhood.  When we experience something we don't like, we normally ignore it long enough for it 'to go away'.  But what often happens is that it doesn't 'go away', it gets dissociated and forgotten by the conscious mind, but is still affecting us unconsciously, driving unwanted thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and will never truly go away until reawakened and dealt with.


MAP allows us to safely and gently rewire these memories and associated mental programmes that no longer serve us - this can sometimes be achieved in minutes! This modality finds & neutralises what has been suppressing the success in people’s lives quickly and permanently.  

You do not need to remember when a painful or emotional memory was created, in fact even consciously forgotten memories can be treated. In the session, the focus is on what is the present troublesome issue, the MAP process traces and neutralises all of the negative associations - to finally experience freedom.

Best of all, you can receive MAP Coaching online in the comfort of your own home, using Zoom.


You will need to:

  1. Watch a video before your first session. It’s about 20 mins long and is designed to start to train your brain to make the changes in subsequent sessions. 

  2. Your first session lasts up to an hour, and we introduce the MAP process to the brain using a practice issue. This can be a simple fear, phobia, or stress. 

  3. Once we have trained your brain in using the process in the first session, we can deal with any problems or help you achieve your goals using the whole MAP process which is very powerful. These sessions usually last up to 90 mins. You may need a few sessions to achieve a complete result, but you will notice an improvement from the very first session.

See how quickly MAP can work on a fear in this video

Download this information

booklet to find out more

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MAP taster sessions are approx 60 mins and £95 

MAP full sessions are approx 90 mins and £130

Discounts are available for packages of sessions


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