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Stress-Free Study Programme

Whether you are studying towards your GCSEs or feeling overwhelmed by your PhD, my stress-free study packages can help you get the best out of yourself, and with less effort and more results.

They are ideal for anyone who wants to perform better, whether you're aiming for top marks or find you are struggling to keep up and just want to quit.

You will learn how the brain works in relation to studying, and techniques to quickly get into the right states for effective study. We also look at how nutrition, sleep, environment and rest affect our ability to perform 

We look at ways of managing overwhelm and procrastination.

It's easy to lose sight of why you are doing this, and without a clear reason it can seem harder, so we reinforce all your positive reasons why you are studying, which will strengthen your motivation, curiosity and passion for learning.

If you have ADHD, ADD, dyslexia or dyspraxia, studying can feel even more overwhelming and frustrating. I use techniques to help dissolve any fear or frustration around studying, and teach you how to do this yourself too.

We are often studying at a very stressful time of life, so we can also look at other stresses and issues that may be getting in the way too.


The stress-free study package won't just boost your confidence and results in your studies.

It will set you up for life with tools to manage stress, worries and anxiety and help you achieve a life you love. 

Programmes are tailor made for each person depending on your needs, and can be adapted as we go. Number of sessions and exact content may vary, but below is a typical example:

Session 1: 

  • How the brain works, how stress can overwhelm it

  • How the body reacts to stress

  • How to get the brain and body into the best study mode

  • Techniques for reducing stress and anxiety

Session 2:

  • ​How the environment, nutrition, sleep, exercise help us perform better

  • Finding goals that light you up

  • Why routines free you up 

  • More stress-busting techniques

Session 3:

  • How to overcome procrastination, overwhelm or perfectionism

  • How to manage the inner critic

  • Breathing for optimal brain function

Session 4:

  • Dissolving specific frustrations

  • Overcoming exam nerves

  • Giving presentations without fear

  • Advanced techniques for a fulfilled life

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