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BWRT® Defusing Depression

There is a special and highly effective BWRT method for dealing with depression. It’s called Defusing Depression, because that’s exactly what it does. It doesn’t just allow us to cope better with the effects of depression, but actually interrupts the processes that cause depression in the first place.

Once the brain has learned a depressive response to certain triggers, it can be very hard to unlearn, and so may well recur from then on. There are of course many ways to ‘rewire’ these learned responses, but often when we are in the depths of depression, we just don’t have the energy or motivation to do anything about it. Even visiting the GP can be a huge effort. BWRT Defusing Depression is specifically designed to work (even when concentration and focus seem impossible!), to detach you from the depression and to re-energise you so you can get back to a full life.

It also works for those whose depression is not currently active, preventing a re-occurrence in the future. BWRT practitioners all over the world are reporting astonishing success using this method, even on depression that has lasted decades.

The process takes approximately 9-10 hours over 6 to 8 weeks. An accelerated programme over about 4-5 weeks is also available.  Appointments are available in person or over Zoom. Please contact me for further details and to find out whether this therapy would be suitable for you.

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       BWRT Defusing Depression:

  • The very latest BWRT protocol

  • 6-8 week course of therapy (9-10 hours) approx.

  • Specifically designed to deal with the root of depression

  • Addresses the actual processes that drive depression, not just the effects of depression

  • Tailored to the way your mind works

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