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BWRT® Neurophysical Enhancement Training

Neurophysical Enhancement Training (NET) uses the BWRT® processes to tap into the Reptilian Complex to enhance physical fitness, stamina, athletic ability, as well as general health and longevity. 


NET uses the BWRT psychological process to focus as many neurones in the brain and body as possible to enhance physical performance and endurance.

The NET programme can help you whether you are:

  • Not exercising, but want to stay as healthy as possible by using a psychological process to get the benefits of exercise. This can be useful for those convalescing too.

  • Want to exercise but dislike it or find it too hard or uncomfortable. This process will help you get more effect with less effort.

  • A regular exerciser who wants to get the best out of their time and see greater improvements.

  • A committed athlete or professional sportsperson who wants to improve their personal best, their performance, their endurance or excel in competitions.


 NET is delivered as a 4 session programme and includes:

  • Four 60 minute sessions.

  • An initial assessment to gauge where you are now and ensure the programme is right for you.

  • A personalised programme depending on your own goals.

  • Learning A 10 minute Mental Workout to enhance physical exercise and/or maintain fitness levels

  • Everything you need to do the process yourself.

  • Further sessions as required for those who really want to go further, get fitter and be at the top of their game. Or for those who want to address any stress in their lives and focus their energy on their physical and mental wellbeing.


How can psychology affect my physical performance?

An excerpt from an article in the New Scientist magazine in the April 22, 2020 issue:

"A remarkable study by Brian Clark at Ohio University showed that you can build muscle just by using your imagination. His team used a surgical cast to immobilise the hand and wrist of 29 volunteers for four weeks. For 10 minutes a day, half the group sat still while imagining performing exercises with their immobilised hand. When the casts were removed, both groups had lost muscle strength in their wrists, but the group who had performed imaginary exercises lost 50 per cent less than the control group. The results suggest that mental workouts strengthen pathways in the brain that control muscle movements, which later translates into greater command over the target muscles, increasing their strength."


Longevity, another benefit of NET

Much research has shown that the fitter you are, both physically and psychologically, the longer and more comfortably you are likely to live. This is partly due to the fact that with the optimal combination of good physical health and psychological wellness, the human body tends to maintain exactly the right levels of cortisol in the system. Too much puts a huge strain on the immune system, while too little can leave an individual feeling listless and unwell, and allow inflammation to increase throughout the body.

It's all to do with Telomerase, a hormone that repairs the Telomeres, the 'end caps' on DNA strands in our cells. The Telomeres shorten with every cell division and Telomerase is the repair solution... but stress destroys Telomerase, which is why people who have stress for years often look older than they are, and actually are often biologically older. (Have you noticed how quickly politicians often seem to age?) So anything that looks after the body's levels of Telomerase has to be a good thing, and that's what the BWRT® Neurophysical Enhancement Training is all about.

There's nothing at all like it in the field of body fitness, strength, health and longevity

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