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I'm a fully qualified solution focused hypnotherapist and BWRT practitioner. I have always been intrigued by how the mind works (or doesn't sometimes!). Originally I studied physiology and biochemistry at the University of Southampton, with a particular interest in how meditation affects our physiology. I spent the following 10 years working for the NHS in medical laboratory science before returning to the university to work in the library.

With access to thousands of books in the university library, my interests in the mind, consciousness and philosophy were reignited. I studied Buddhist philosophy and meditation, going on to study for a degree in philosophy and psychology at the Open University, specialising in philosophy of mind and cognitive psychology. I think I wanted to crack the problem of consciousness, what it is, where it is, why it is. I didn't! But I enjoyed the trip. 


I moved into the area of mental health, working as deputy manager in a lovely mental health nursing home. I learned so much there, but especially that much of our suffering comes from avoiding our emotions. 


I've always felt drawn to become a therapist of some sort, especially having personally experienced how anxiety and depression can suck the joy out of life, fill us with doubts and litter our path with obstacles. But I also discovered how some approaches such as meditation and positive psychology really helped. I first came across hypnotherapy when I successfully gave up smoking at an Allen Carr clinic. I enjoyed the hypnosis so much I continued to listen to a stop smoking hypnosis CD for months after, even though it was no longer relevant, just because it relaxed me so much. I use some of the Allen Carr method in my own stop smoking sessions now.


I chose to specialise in solution focused hypnotherapy because it's based on neuroscience, and I'm still a scientist at heart. And because it doesn't focus on people's problems but on what they want to achieve, their dreams and aspirations, it bypasses those pesky fears and insecurities that hold us back from what we want in life. I'm so glad I chose this approach, my clients leave relaxed, energised and transformed.  And we have fun! Who wouldn't want a job like that?  


BA(Hons) Philosophy & Psychological Studies

Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy

BWRT Level 1 - General Psychopathology

BWRT Level 2 - Psychology of Identity & Behaviour

Certified MAP Practitioner

Warriors, Settlers & Nomads Counselling & Coaching


IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy) Advanced Practitioner

NLP Diploma

Diploma in Child and Adult Counselling

Certificate in Life Coaching

Further Training

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for Children

BWRT Coaching

Mental Health Awareness Certificate

Cognitive Behavioural Models of Anxiety, PTSD, OCD

​Compassion Focused Therapy

Emotional Regulation & Coping Skills

Relaxation & Mindfulness Skills​

Mental Health Recovery Approaches

CBT and DBT Skills

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults

​Understanding Psychosis

Drug Awareness

Professional Memberships

AfSFH Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

BWRT Institute Advanced Member

Association for Integral Eye Movement Therapy

CNHC Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council

DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certificate

I am fully insured with Holistic Insurance Services



Helena Silver hypnotherapy

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