BrainWorking Recursive Therapy

BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® (BWRT)  is a new and exciting therapy created in 2011 by Terence Watts, principal of the Essex Institute. It was inspired by experiments carried out in 1983 which appeared to show that we don't actually have free will in the way we usually think of it, that some decisions are made and acted upon by our mental processes before we become consciously aware of them.

The principles behind it may explain why sometimes we:

  • can't stop ourselves doing things.

  • feel that we cannot do something we would really like to.

  • limit ourselves from getting on with life.

  • give up on something without even trying properly to do it.

  • fear something when there's no real reason to do so.

  • are 'triggered' by situations, even though we have no idea why.


BWRT is hugely powerful and effective and often a single issue can be resolved in one session, although more complex problems will require a number of sessions. And the results are usually permanent! It is very effective for anxiety, phobias, traumas, self-esteem, insecurities and a host of other issues. And it can be carried out content-free, meaning there is no need to tell me any of the details of the problem. 

BWRT also works well online, via Skype or Zoom, if attending in person is difficult for you.

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       BWRT Level 1 can help with​:

  • Phobias, fears and anxiety

  • Success inhibition

  • Fear of failure

  • Binge eating/drinking

  • Stop smoking

  • All types of performance anxiety

  • Self worth/self-confidence issues

  • Relationship issues

  • Grief

  • Trauma & PTSD

  • Goal attainment

       BWRT Level 2 can help with​:

  • Alcohol problems

  • Gambling

  • Depression

  • Eating difficulties

  • Substance abuse

  • Addictions

  • Bullying

  • Identity issues

  • OCD

       BWRT Defusing Depression:

  • The very latest BWRT protocol

  • 4-6 week course of therapy (6-8 hours)

  • Specifically designed to deal with the root of depression

  • Addresses the actual processes that drive depression, not just the effects of depression

  • Tailored to the way your mind works

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