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Therapies and coaching offered

I offer a number of different therapies and approaches as one size definitely does not fit all. There is no need for you to decide beforehand which you need, we will discuss the ideal one for you in our free initial consultation. 

If you would like to try a specific therapy, just let me know. Or it may be that we use a number of different techniques over the course of your sessions. 

This page will give you a taster of the sort of things I do, Click on each to find out more, or just give me a call and I will be happy to chat to you about it.

Some of the therapies I use


Finding Your Strengths

Focusing on solutions instead of problems enables you to make more effective and long lasting changes

Spiral Staircase

Integral Eye Movement Therapy

A rapid method to change unhelpful automatic responses and behaviours


Making Anything 


Neural retraining to quickly and effectively neutralise painful memories and emotions

Nomad pixabay free.jpg

Warriors, Settlers, Nomads Coaching

An inspiring and insightful way to discover more about yourself, and those around you.  You will learn how totp understanding the 3 basic elements of personality interact and how to easily resolve inner conflicts and harness qualities and resources that will help you to achieve a fulfilling life. I often include elements of WSN within other sessions.

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Brainworking Recursive Therapy

A rapid method to change unhelpful automatic responses and behaviours

Listening to Music

Help for Chronic  Pain

A non medical approach to altering chronic pain messages ar their source, allowing you to reduce or even remove pain, rather than  just managing it

Come on in, look around, explore, find out just how easy it can be to make the changes you want in just a few sessions

Curious? Want to know more? Unsure?

Contact me for a  no-pressure chat.

I'd love to hear from you

Helena Silver hypnotherapy

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