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Let go of what holds you back

Southampton based clinical hypnotherapist

Solution focused hypnotherapy, psychotherapy & coaching

BWRT  BrainWorking Recursive Therapy

MAP Coaching and Therapy


Helena Silver

Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Come and find out more about me, what I love and how I work, here....

Some of the issues I can help with

Home Decor

Anxiety & Stress

Free yourself and find peace of mind

Couple at the Beach


Get over past hurts, improve current relationships with your partner, children, parents...

Healthy Food

Weight, Habits & Addictions

Make unhelpful habits and addictions a thing of the past. Create and reinforce new ones.


BWRT for depression can work in as little as 5-6 sessions

Beach at Sunset

Negative Thoughts

Quieten your mind and regain control from OCD and stuck thoughts


Overcome procrastination and  fears of exams, presentations. Tune your brain for top marks without the stress

Some of the therapies I use


Finding Your Strengths

Focusing on solutions instead of problems enables you to make more effective and long lasting changes


Making Anything 


Neural retraining to quickly and effectively neutralise painful memories and emotions


Brainworking Recursive Therapy

A rapid method to change unhelpful automatic responses and behaviours

Come on in, look around, explore, find out just how easy it can be to make the changes you want in just a few sessions

Curious? Want to know more? Unsure?

Contact me for a  no-pressure chat.

I'd love to hear from you

Helena Silver hypnotherapy

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